Madden 18: How To Earn MUT Coins Fast


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With Madden 18 the Ultimate Team has returned and players are getting right back into the thick of things. When you tear open your initial packs (or more with the GOAT Edition) then you have to resort to spending real money or gathering as many coins as you can for more coins and packs.

There’s a good amount of ways to earn coins fast and we’re going to go over them real fast. The first you should do is complete all of the tutorials you’re given and that will give you a good initial amount of coins. It can be quite the drag but it does give you a good amount to start out with.

The Solo Challenges will also give you a good amount of coins. This can be laughably easy but there will give you easy coins and won’t take long at all. There’s a good amount of them so you can easily earn a ton of coins if you devote enough time and effort. There’s an objective screen in Ultimate Team that shows you a list of tasks to complete daily. Things like “Win A Game” or “Complete A Set” will generally appear in these and once you complete the list you’ll be treated with a healthy amount of coins. The lists reset each day at 5 a.m. ET and promise to give you a pack that contains a quicksell item worth up to 50,000 coins. Of course you’ll likely not see anything valued that high but you can always dream.

Another thing you can do is auction off your characters. Madden 18 is still relatively new so players are trying to build their roster as quick as possible even if that means overpaying for players. You might be able to sell off some of your Silvers, Golds or even Elites that you don’t use for a hefty price. Opening a few Silver packs and selling off the players can be a good quick source of cash but we’re not entirely sure it’s sustainable once players begin to fill out their rosters.