Kelly Bryant Injury: ESPN Suggests High-Ankle Sprain for Clemson QB


Kelly Bryant sustained an ankle injury against Wake Forest.

Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant exited the game against Wake Forest with an injury near the end of the third quarter. All that is known for sure is Bryant sustained an ankle injury.

However, ESPN analysts calling the game suggested the injury looked similar to a high-ankle sprain. Nothing will be known for sure until Clemson is able to run tests on Bryant. A high-ankle sprain would not be good news for the Tigers, and typically causes players to miss time to recover.

It is not the first time Bryant has taken a big hit. So far this season, Bryant has been able to sustain a lot of punishment and continue to play. Clemson fans are hoping he can do the same this time around.

Bryant has been especially lethal with his legs, which also means he tends to take more hits given his physical run style.

Clemson is on a short week this week as they go on the road to face Syracuse on Friday, October 13. This makes a comeback for Bryant even more challenging.

Zerrick Cooper took over at quarterback and played the final few plays of the third quarter. Hunter Johnson took over in the fourth quarter, and threw a touchdown pass on his first drive.