Jimena Barón, Juan Martin del Potro’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Agentina’s Juan Martin del Potro shocked many when he pushed Roger Federer to the brink and defeated him at the 2017 U.S. Open on September 6.

Del Potro took the first set from Federer and had the answer to just about every one of Federer’s shots in an intense match to win and advance to play No. 1-seeded Rafael Nadal of Spain.

Del Portro is well known in Argentina for his tennis play, as well as dating Jimena Barón.

Barón, 30, is an Argentine actress and singer and has one child.

Here’s what you need to know about Barón:

1. Barón Previously Dated an Italian Soccer Player

In 2012 with an established career in the entertainment industry in Argentina, she met Daniel Osvaldo, who’s commonly known as Pablo Osvaldo or Dani Osvaldo. He was born in Argentina and is now retired after a successful career playing soccer in Italy. When he played, he was a forward.

In his 11 year professional soccer career, he played in 269 games and scored 88 goals.

Osvaldo and Baron reportedly met each other via phone while he was playing in Italy.

Baron told Gente.com that after the first text message was sent, they talked nonstop. Finally, Osvaldo made a decision to start a life with her. He told those he surrounded himself with that he traveled back to Argentina because of a legal issue, but was really meeting Baron.

Osvaldo had a wife, Elena Braccini, and two kids (victoria and Maria Helena) at the time and decided to leave them when Baron moved to Italy to be with him.

Baron became pregnant with their first child on March 9, 2014, and they welcomed a son to the world. Shortly thereafter, they moved back to Argentina to start a life together when he signed to play for Boca Juniors.

2. Baron & Osvaldo Broke Up in 2015

Baron and Osvaldo dated for three years and even got a buffalo with their names tattooed on them.

“We got married in Las Vegas,” Baron said to Gente.com.

Baron told the news outlet that on May 18, 2015, Osvaldo arrived at the house and “armed a suitcase and left” after an argument. She said he didn’t believe where she was during while texting during the day, and arrived to split things off.

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“We did not have a chat, like an adult couple who split up, with a family in the middle,” Baron said to Gente.com. “He had done it before: he went away seven days. But now he took all the money, the one from the sale of my car and another that I had kept in a wallet. From that moment we did not see each other.”

Baron spoke about how Osvaldo didn’t like seeing her kissing others while acting.

3. Baron Made Her Acting Debut Almost 20 Years Ago

Barón’s family has an eye for the entertainment industry, and her younger brother, Federico Barón, is also an Argentine TV actor.

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Baron got her start on the movie screen in 1998 when she made her debut in a film called El faro.

After that, she played “Loli” in Gasoleros when she was just 11-years old.

She received recognition for those two roles, reciving the Martin Fierro Award for Best Child Actress in Gasoleros and then winning the Argentine Film Critics Association Award for Best New Actress for playing “Young Aneta” in El faro.

Baron continued acting in various TV series’ in Argentina from 2000 until 2015. In 2009, she tried her hand at stage acting and was on the theatre rendition of Casi Angeles, a TV show she acted in.

Baron’s most recent role was in 2015 as “Gilda” on Esperanza mia.

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4. Baron Has Started a Singing Career

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Most recently, Baron has decided to catapult off of her success acting and become a singer. In 2016, she released a single titled “No Te Encuentro,” and it saw mild success.

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Earlier this year, she released her debut album, titled La Tonta. A debut video clip of the first single “La Tonta” garnered nearly 10 million views since it was released on July 21, 2017.

Baron’s new album has a 4.7 star rating out of 5, according to seven reviews on Google Play.

5. Baron Has Been Present at Del Potro’s Matches & Cheers Him on via Social Media


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Following Del Potro’s upset of Federer, Baron posted a photo to Instagram rooting him on. It had the caption “HÉROE” on it with her boyfriend raising his arms in celebration.


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She’s also posted a photo of Potro saying “Champion on and off the court. I admire you with all my being.”

Baron’s also posted photos of her boyfriend spending time with her son.