Jessie Carlos: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


jessie carlos

Jessie Carlos. (Twitter)

The suspect in the Manila casino attack that left more than three dozen dead has been identified as Jessie Carlos.

Carlos was identified as the troubled, gambling indebted suspect who strode into the Resorts World Manila and started shooting gambling machines and torching the casino.

Witnesses described a horrific scene in which casino guests and employees frantically tried to hide and smash windows to escape.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Carlos Was a Former Government Employee With Gambling Debts

Authorities said that Carlos had worked for the Finance Department and accrued gambling debts.

He was described as age 43, a Filipino, separated, and a former Finance Department employee.

Police said he had been barred from all casinos and had a gambling problem that left him deeply in debt.

2. The Gunman Strode Into the Casino With an Assault Rifle & Set Fires

Chilling surveillance video showed the attacker strolling around the resort and casino complex heavily armed.

According to CNN, the gunman shot gambling machines and then set the casino on fire.

3. At Least 37 People Died in the Attack & Carlos Killed Himself in the Resort

Most of the people who perished in the casino attack died from smoke inhalation after they hid from Carlos, according to ABC News.

ABC reported that the attack at the Resorts World Manila complex left at least 37 patrons and employees dead, “mostly from smoke inhalation while they hid, while the gunman fled to an adjoining hotel and reportedly killed himself.”

4. The Attacked Tried to Steal $2 Million in Poker Chips

According to ABC News, Carlos tried to make away with $2 million in poker chips.

The president of the Philippines referred to the attacker as “crazy,” according to ABC.

5. ISIS Claimed Responsibility for the Attack, but the Government Doesn’t Think the Attack Was Terrorism

Although the Islamic State was quick to claim responsibility for the casino resort attack, authorities in the Philippines do not believe that Carlos was influenced by ISIS.

They have characterized Carlos as a lone wolf attacker motivated by personal problems, primarily his gambling debts.