Jeff Lewis’ Parents: Get to Know Lewis’ Mother & Father


For those who have followed Jeff Lewis from the early seasons of Flipping Out, they have seen his relationship with his father Tom evolve. Years ago, he and his father, who works in real estate, did not have the best connection. Their relationship was full of tension and criticism. Fortunately, their bond has strengthened over the years and this season, Lewis even included his dad and stepmother in the birth of his daughter Monroe. Both were present when Monroe was born via surrogate. Lewis expressed to his partner Gage Edwards and his longtime friend Jenni Pulos, that his dad was very excited to be so involved.

Lewis’ father seems to have been a major influence in his son’s life, as Lewis ended up in the field of real estate, though he focuses more on interior design and flipping homes. Lewis’ father once told him, “You get rich off your investments, not your income. People live off of their income.”

When it comes to Lewis’ mother, she died when he was just 18 years old. Lewis lost his mother to cancer and over the years, he has grown quite close to his now retired housekeeper, Zoila Chavez. He has even called Chavez his “surrogate mother.”