This is Exactly How You Wear Emerald Green Eyeliner

Green Eyeliner - LEAD

Erin Lukas

Aug 07, 2016 @ 9:45 am

Colored eyeliner isn’t a new concept, but nonetheless it doesn’t make stepping out of your black liner comfort zone any easier. Every once in a while, inspiration like Lily Aldridge’s shimmery jewel-toned cat-eye by celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo that makes us consider ditching our trusty inky liners for good. And there’s a lot to love about an emerald green liner—it’s flashier than an original black but not too bold that it feels out of place wearing it during daylight hours. It’s surprisingly a lot easier to wear than you might think, and even better, it enhances a number of eye colors. Here, our three favorite green liners along with how to wear them. 

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