Elevate Your Mornings with these 3 Superfood-Packed Smoothies from Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest Smoothie Lead
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Sydney Mondry

Jan 27, 2016 @ 2:45 pm

The only thing easier than an on-the-go breakfast smoothie is one that’s already made for you. Don’t have time to hit your local juicery every morning? Try Daily Harvest, a service that sends you frozen, ready-to-blend smoothie ingredients in pre-portioned cups. The organic, non-GMO fruits, veggies, and superfoods—like kale, cashew butter, and matcha—are organized by nutritionists and chefs into 14 different blends, and can be ordered in packs of six, 12, or 18 cups. All you need to do is add milk or coconut water. That’s almost three weeks worth of breakfasts planned out for you! 

“Often times, the produce you buy in the local grocery store was picked before its reached its nutritional peak,” explains Daily Harvest founder Rachel Drori. “Farm frozen foods are harvested at peak maturity when nutrient content is highest. The freezing process effectively locks in the beneficial vitamins and nutrients so there is a higher concentration upon consumption.” Can’t wait until your first shipment arrives? Try making three of Daily Harvest’s signature blends on your own with the recipes below.

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