Jacqueline Kent Cooke: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


jacqueline kent cooke, matthew haberkornFacebook/Matthew Haberkorn

Jacqueline Kent Cooke is accused of attacking Matthew Haberkorn.

A millionaire socialite and daughter of the former owner of the Washington Redskins is accused of launching an anti-Semitic assault on a California lawyer and his family on New Year’s Eve in New York City.

Jacqueline Kent Cooke, whose father, the late Jack Kent Cooke, owned the Redskins, along with the Los Angeles Lakers and Kings, was arrested on assault charges, the New York Post reports. She is accused of attacking Matthew Haberkorn, 52, outside of the Upper East Side restaurant Caravaggio, leaving him with a bloody cut to the head.

The Post and the New York Daily News obtained photos and videos of the incident on Wednesday, the same day that Cooke, 29, went to the 19th Precinct to be questioned by the NYPD. The Daily News reports that she was seen in handcuffs at the police precinct. According to the Post, she was later charged with assault and is expected to be arraigned at Manhattan Criminal Court.

Haberkorn told the Daily News he had finished a meal at the upscale restaurant with his wife, his 77-year-old mother and his four daughters and were getting their coats when they ran into Cooke. She got annoyed about how long they were taking, Haberkorn said.

“She says, ‘Hurry up Jew,’” Haberkorn told the Daily News. Haberkorn said his wife asked her what she said and Cooke said again, “Hurry up, Jew. I got places to be.”

Haberkorn’s wife told the newspaper that during the incident, Cooke told his daughters, with a sneer, “Happy bat mitzvah, girls.” Haberkorn said his mother and one of his daughters are Jewish, while his wife and other daughters are not.

Here’s what you need to know about Cooke and the incident:

1. Cooke Is Accused of Hitting Haberkorn in the Head With Her ‘Heavy Glass Purse’ Before Falling Down & Running Away

Matthew Haberkorn told the New York Daily News on Wednesday that after the comments inside the restaurant, he confronted Jacqueline Kent Cooke outside. He was in the bathroom during the initial incident, he told the New York Post.

“I walked up to her and asked her why she said that,” Haberkorn told the Daily News. “She took her purse, which was a mirrored glass purse, and smashed me with it.”

“She clocks me on the head with her glass purse,” he told the New York Post. He was left with two bloody gashes to the head.

Cooke’s boyfriend then tried to step in, according to the Daily News. Cell phone video recorded by Haberkorn’s daughter shows the California attorney saying, “She just f*cking hit me!”

Cooke, sobbing and unsteady, replies, “You called me a f*cking bitch, you called me a c-nt.” Haberkorn retorts, “You called me a f*cking Jew!”

Cooke then tries to hit him again and falls down, the video shows.

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You can watch the video of the incident below (warning, graphic language):

“She falls down and tries to hold or take me down,” Haberkorn told the Daily News. “She’s clearly drunk.”

The video then shows Cooke’s boyfriend accusing Haberkorn of “throwing a woman on the floor,” but he replies that he “didn’t f*cking touch her.”

Cooke and her boyfriend ran off after she fell down. Haberkorn told the Daily News he got her name from restaurant workers.

She used a $300 Lulu Guinness Chloe Mirrored Perspex Box Clutch in the attack, the Daily News reports.

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Haberkorn’s wife, Linda Thomas, told the Daily News that when she confronted Cooke, the socialite told her, “Why don’t you use your money to get a nose job?””

When confronted by the Daily News at her Upper East Side apartment on Wednesday, Cooke told a reporter she was home on New Year’s Eve. When asked about a sling on her finger, she said she got her finger stuck in a cab door and dislocated it.

“There’s nothing that happened on New Year’s Eve,” she told the newspaper. “I was here in my apartment.”

A source told the Daily News that Cooke plans to file a counter complaint against Haberkorn.

“We’re trying to teach our kids that just because you come from a certain area, you can’t behave any way you want,” Haberkorn told the Daily News. “It was disgusting behavior by a spoiled brat.”

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2. She Sued Her Father’s Estate in 2007, Claiming Her $50,000 Per Year Allowance Was Not Enough Money

Jacqueline Kent Cooke, then a 19-year-old college student, sued the executors of her father’s estate in 2007, alleging that her $50,000 a year allowance was not enough money, according to the Washington Post. Her attorney in that legal battle, Benjamin Dick, told the Post at the time that the payments are taxed and were therefore insufficient to meet her needs. He said she owed $23,000 in tuition and was not able to enroll in classes because of it.

Her mother, Suzanne Martin Cooke, Jack Kent Cooke’s third wife, told the Post at the time, “He’d be spinning in his grave right now if he knew.” Jacqueline Kent Cooke’s mother married Jack in 1987 when he was 74 and she was 31. They separated within weeks and he later married again.

Jack Kent Cooke died in April 1997 and left behind about $1 billion in assets, according to the Post. The Redskins were sold to Daniel Snyder for $800 million after John Kent Cooke, Jacqueline’s brother, was unable to buy the team from the estate.

Jack kent cooke daughter

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FacebookJack Kent Cooke in January 1997.

Jacqueline Kent Cooke was left a $5 million trust, structured to be paid out at $25,000 until she reached 16, then $50,000 per year until she turned 21, when the payments rose to $100,000. At 35 she will receive annual sums equal to 8 percent of the trust, which in 2007 was valued at $6 million.

According to the lawsuit, Cooke did not meet her father until she was 3, but developed a relationship with him. You can read the complaint filed in federal court by Cooke’s lawyers below:

“Her father intended funds as necessary to cover her education,” Dick told the Post. “But the trustees feel she’s restricted to certain sums of money each year, and the trustees control the money.”

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The lawsuit was dismissed by a federal judge in 2008. Cooke appealed, but that was denied in 2009.

3. She Was Arrested for DUI in 2008 After Pulling Up Her Skirt to Moon a Cop & Then Giving Him the Middle Finger, Police Say

jacqueline kent cooke mugshot, jacqueline kent cooke dui

Boston PoliceJacqueline Kent Cooke in her 2008 mugshot.

This is not the first run-in with the law for Jacqueline Kent Cooke. She was arrested in June 2008 in Boston for driving under the influence, according to Boston.com.

Cooke, then 20, was seen by police leaving the South Street Diner in the city’s South End about 5:15 p.m., with a waitress following behind because the bill hadn’t been paid, the Boston Globe reported at the time. Cooke and the woman told police they forgot to pay the bill and went inside to pay.

The officers said they saw car keys for a BMW fall onto the counter while Cooke was paying and because both women appeared to be intoxicated, asked if they had driven to the restaurant. They said they had not driven, and denied that a BMW parked nearby belonged to them. The Globe reports what happened next, according to police:

Minutes later, officers saw the two women walk to the car. They approached them again, asking whether they had the keys. One of the women said she gave the keys to her brother, who would take them home, according to the statement. Officers suggested the women take a taxi home, but they walked away, police said.

The pair returned to the car 10 minutes later and told the officers that it was useless for them to keep watching because they could not stop them from driving home, police said. The officers again suggested a taxi.

Then, police said, one of the women stepped into the street, lifted her skirt, and exposed her buttocks to the officers. The women got into the car at 5:40 a.m. and, despite warnings from the officers, started the engine, leading to Cooke’s arrest, police said.

It is not clear if Cooke, who was charged with operating under the influence and operating without a license, was convicted.

According to the Globe, Cooke told officers that her father was Jack Kent Cooke while she was booked and said she would have their badges because, “$1 billion goes a long way.”

Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley told the Boston Herald after Cooke’s arrest, “I guess Jacqueline Kent Cooke is the most recent example of individuals who think themselves pretty important. If you have to ask that question rhetorically, you’re probably not going to win yourself many friends in the law enforcement community.”

Police said she also called one of the officers “gay” during booking.

Jack Wark, a spokesman for the Suffolk district attorney’s office told the Globe at the time, “The arresting officer was really trying to save her from herself … and potentially other innocents who would be sharing the road with her.”

Cooke was also arrested in 2009 in Horry County, South Carolina, and charged with driving without a license. She pleaded guilty and paid a fine, records show. She has also faced traffic charges, including driving without a license and speeding, in North Carolina.

4. Cooke Graduated From SMU & Has Worked in the Fashion Industry

Despite the tuition difficulties she claimed in her 2007 lawsuit, Jacqueline Kent Cooke graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, in 2010, according to her Linkedin profile. She studied communications there.

She has worked in the fashion industry, including as an assistant for Chuck Binder and Associates in Los Angeles, she said on Linkedin.

“There, Cooke was able to experience PR, communications, and management hands-on, and the opportunity with Chuck Binder & Associates has made Cooke consider jobs in the field of sports casting, news anchoring, and acting. Cooke is also an active member of her church, and when she is not busy working or volunteering, Jacqueline Cooke enjoys visiting the seaside, not far from her home in Washington, D.C,” she wrote on her Linkedin page.

In 2014, Cooke talked to the Washingtonian about her career in fashion.

“I am the director of PR and marketing at Isa Tapia, an emerging shoe designer and currently part of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) incubator. It’s great being a part of a growing brand because you get to learn so many things along the way,” she said. “I most recently did a preview inviting head editors from Condé Nast and Hearst to showcase our pre-fall collection.”

She also talked about her style.

“I am inspired by a broad range of designers and usually drawn towards unique pieces that have a bit of an edge to them. I also tend to think practically, purchasing classic pieces that can be worn again and again. I also enjoy finding low-end items to mix with high-end accessories, as it is more economical,” she told the magazine. “Growing up, I was primarily influenced by my late grandmother, who always dressed with elegance. Whether she was going to the supermarket or out to dinner she always had a beautiful outfit paired with her signature red lipstick.”

The magazine also asked her about the controversy over the Redskins name.

“I do not think it’s up for me to weigh in on this issue. I just hope they start to win again, regardless of the name,” she said.

5. She Has Worked With Her Father’s Charity & Recently Launched a Company Selling ‘Premium Dog Beds for Premium Canines’

Along with her work in fashion, Cooke has been involved in charities, including her father’s Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, a Virginia-based organization that provides scholarships to college students in need. She told Hamptons magazine in August that she often hosts gatherings for the beneficiaries in her role as the “face” of the foundation.

“It’s an opportunity to get to know them one-on-one and have an ongoing relationship,” Cooke told the magazine. “Listening to their inspiring stories and learning about what they’ve accomplished gives me an even deeper appreciation for my father’s legacy.”

She said she has also been involved in Red Sneakers for Oakley, which raises awareness about food allergies, and the Southampton Animal Shelter, along with Audubon Sanctuary Islands wildlife refuge in Palm Beach, Florida.

Cooke told Hamptons magazine that her father asked her what he should do with his wealth when she was young.

“‘You should give it to children in need,’ she said she replied. She added, “He wanted me to find my passion in life and learn what the meaning of a dollar was.”

On her Linkedin page, she wrote about her work with So Others Might Eat, a D.C. Charity:

Due to her surname, it would be easy to assume Jacqueline Kent Cooke’s life plans have already been laid out for her. Instead, this young, independent woman is choosing to carve her own path and is giving her name, Jacqueline Cooke, a distinct meaning. Already Cooke has experienced a lot in her young life, from working with the hottest talents in Hollywood to winning numerous horseback-riding competitions in her division. However, Cooke’s finest accomplishment thus far has been her decision to live a charitable lifestyle, volunteering to fight plights that plague our nation. Cooke regularly helps with organizations that aim to abolish homelessness.

On her Instagram, she says she is the founder of Cane Casa, a store that is “coming soon.” The website, which was down on January 3, says that it will sell “premium dog beds for premium canines.”