Is Wilmington, North Carolina Evacuating Because of Hurricane Irma?



A tow truck driver makes his way through a flooded street August 31, 2006 in Wilmington, North Carolina.

As Hurricane Irma continues to move across the Atlantic Ocean, many cities along the East Coast are taking precautions.

Among those cities is Wilmington, located on the southeastern coast of North Carolina. While Governor Roy Cooper has declared a state of emergency, Wilmington has not yet been issued an evacuation notice.

Although the Category 5 storm’s exact path isn’t yet known, the latest update shows it making landfall in southern Florida around Sunday morning and working its way up the eastern coast toward Georgia and South Carolina. The track also shows Wilmington narrowly avoiding the eye and cone of the storm.

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NOAA/NHCHurricane Irma forecast at 5 p.m. Et

The National Weather Service continues to monitor the storm, and as of now it appears “unlikely” there will be direct impacts to Wilmington. However, the city could still very well feel some of the affects of the dangerous storm. It’s important to keep in mind that the storm’s path is not concrete and could very well change its course throughout the next few days.

Cooper said in his emergency declaration that it’s “not too soon to get ready,” adding that “Irma is a powerful storm.”

Residents of New Hanover County have been advised to start planning in the event that Irma takes an eastern turn and heads its way. To do so, the county government has a website full of tools and guides to help you plan for Irma.

First, it’s important to put a plan into place for where you will go in case of the emergency. Second, it’s vital to get your supplies from a local store. That includes water — 1 gallon per person per day — as well as nonperishable food, flashlights and batteries. Third, protect your home by ensuring it’s not at risk of getting leveled by strong winds of trees.

Lastly, you must prepare to evacuate and start by finding the correct zone. To find your evacuation zone, click here. Once you find out that information, check below to see the proper evacuation routes in the event Wilmington or other areas throughout the state are evacuated.

If a temporary shelter is needed, multiple locations throughout the state will open their doors to those seeking refuge. To find a full list of shelters nearby, officials are urging residents to download the ReadyNC mobile application. It works on both iPhone and Android phones and gives real-time weather updates as well as listing nearby shelters. Click here to download the application.

A number of shelters at Red Cross locations around the state will also open their doors.

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