Is Brunswick, Georgia Evacuating Because of Hurricane Irma?


The latest Hurricane Irma map track as of September 7.

With Hurricane Irma taking a turn to the East Coast of the United States in the latest tracking models, many areas in Georgia are bracing for the impact of the storm.

Irma, which has held Category 5 levels since Tuesday, has brought winds topping out at around 185 mph and has led to unprecedented damage in some parts of the Caribbean. As of now, Irma is projected to hit near the Miami area some time Sunday morning and work its way eastward to Georgia by Monday. As it stands right now, as of September 7, evacuation orders have not been declared for Brunswick or Glynn County. However, the county sent out an emergency alert September 7 telling those residing along the coast to stay alert for evacuation instructions.

Glynn County is monitoring Major Hurricane Irma and making preparations, should our area be impacted. At this time it is too early to determine what if any affect this storm will have on Glynn County. Please be vigilante and prepare now by reviewing plans for your family and pets, and putting together an emergency kit.

On Wednesday, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency for six counties ahead of it making landfall. That emergency declaration includes Bryan, Camden, Chatham, Glynn, Liberty and McIntosh counties. That means that residents in Brunswick, which sits in Glynn County, have been encouraged to review emergency plans to ensure safety.

One of the first things those forced to evacuate should know is their zone. Georgia has provided a map showing the evacuation routes and zones. If you live in Brunswick, you’re under “Zone A.”

Here’s a map showing the proper evacuation route if you live in Glynn County:

Click here to view a complete guide of Glynn County’s Hurricane Plan.

Those without a place to evacuate to have a number of options, including the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Henry County. The racetrack opened Thursday for those seeking temporary refuge, and people will have free access to showers and restrooms, a track official told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

It’s too soon to know the exact impact Irma will have on Georgia’s coastal region, but officials are letting it known that you should keep an eye on its movement as it approaches landfall and take proper precautions while you still have time.

Here’s a look at the current five-day weather forecast for Brunswick, per The Weather Channel:

Friday: Partly cloudy with a high of 83 degrees and 15 mph NE winds.
Saturday: Cloudy/windy with a high of 78 degrees and 20 mph NE winds.
Sunday: Rain/wind with a high of 73 degrees and 23 mph NNE winds.
Monday: Rain/wind with a high of 74 degrees and 79 mph NNW winds.
Tuesday: Sunny with a high of 85 degrees and 13 mph WSW winds.

Click here for the latest updates on Irma as it heads toward the U.S.

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