Irma Tracker & Path Maps: Where Is Hurricane Right Now?


Hurricane Irma NASA, Hurricane Irma map,Credits: NASA/NOAA/UWM-CIMSS, William Straka

Hurricane Irma from space.

Where is Irma right now? There are many tools available for you to track Hurricane Irma in real time. This article will provide a roundup, with links, so you can check out some of the best and most respected websites online that are tracking the hurricane with updated and real-time information on where it is, how strong it is, and where it’s likely to land.

The massive storm is affecting millions of people across Florida, and it’s frightening people on the western coast of the state, especially, as it is now projected to make landfall somewhere between Sarasota and Naples.

Here’s a roundup of some of the Irma trackers and path maps that you can use to watch the storm’s path and progress.

National Hurricane Center

NWSHurricane Irma Saturday afternoon forecast.

The National Hurricane Center is a comprehensive source of regularly updated information on the storm. You can access its site and maps here. Here’s another NOAA page with real-time hurricane information. See this page also.

The National Weather Service has a tracking map here.

National Center for Atmospheric Research

GettyA woman carries her dog as people arrive at a shelter at Alico Arena where thousands of Floridians are hoping to ride out Hurricane Irma in Fort Myers, Florida.

This education site has a real-time page on Hurricane Irma that includes spaghetti plots and other up-to-the-minute data points.

The site also tracks other hurricanes, such as Jose and Katia, here.

University of Wisconsin


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The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a real-time page of Irma information and maps. Click on the little yellow hurricane icon for Irma to get even more real-time imagery from the site.

The Weather Underground

National Hurricane Center

The weather underground has tracking maps that are updated frequently.


Boca Raton Hurricane Irma, Boca Raton evacuation zones, Boca Raton Hurricane Irma forecast

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GettyHurricane Irma will be in Florida as early as Saturday night.

Cyclocane is a go-to site for updated spaghetti maps on Irma. See other Cyclocane maps here.

South Florida Waste Management District

Workers board up the Mango’s Restaurant and Night Club as the city prepares for the approaching Hurricane Irma on September 7, 2017 in Miami Beach, Florida.

This government sites has some of the best spaghetti models that people have been sharing. You can access the real-time data here.

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Local TV

Southbound lanes of I-95 near the Georgia-South Carolina border are empty as northbound lanes are packed as pepole evacuate ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Irma.

Some local TV stations also have maps where you can monitor Irma’s path.

You can also watch live satellite radar and video feeds of Hurricane Irma. You can find live streams of those here:

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