Hurricane Irma Live Stream & Videos: Watch the Storm in Puerto Rico Online


Hurricane Irma is heading toward Puerto Rico after devastating small Caribbean islands in the Atlantic. The storm hit Barbuda, St. Martin, Anguilla, and part of the Virgin Islands with winds at 185 mph — far above the 157 mph Category 5 threshold. The eye of the storm is expected to pass just north of Puerto Rico Wednesday afternoon or evening. Many people and businesses in the area have live streams that you can follow to see the storm as it hits the area.

These feeds could go up and down periodically due to power outages and storm damage, or they may switch from being a live stream to a rewatchable video, but we will keep updating this post periodically as the storm progresses. We will also add more feeds as the storm’s path continues.

The live stream above shows live reporting about Irma in Puerto Rico. This is one of the best sources at the moment since many individual web cams have gone down.

Next up: A live stream that periodically switches among different Puerto Rico webcams. (It seems the main one they’re showing now is in North Carolina due to other streams going down.)

And a live stream from a hotel in Patillas in Puerto Rico. This area may not get the worst of the storm:


Next, a satellite feed that at times jumps to live on-the-ground feeds.

And a live Periscope feed:

This YouTube channel periodically puts up live feeds from Puerto Rico. Here’s the most recent, which has since ended:

And here are some other (non-live) videos of Irma nearing Puerto Rico:

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Irma will continue moving forward, likely impacting the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Cuba next. We will add those live streams as they are available.

To track the hurricane live and see live radar and news feeds, see Heavy’s post below:

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