Hurricane Irma Live Radar: Watch Latest Satellite Streams to Track Irma [Sept. 10]


National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Irma slammed the Florida Keys, and now Monroe County officials have told evacuees not to return until further notice. The hurricane is now turning to the Florida coast, where it will bring dangerous conditions to all of the state. The storm is currently a Category 3 but my restrengthen. You’ll want to keep a close eye on Irma’s progress, and this live stream feed will help. First, above, is a constantly streaming live radar feed of Irma’s location, from The Washington Post. (To see more local web cam live streams as the hurricane arrives in Florida, see Heavy’s story here.)

Below are more local and national news feeds, reporting live on Sunday Sept. 10, sharing Irma’s location and projected path in real time as it changes. Some of these feeds may periodically go down. We will keep this post updated with new streams as needed.

Next is a live radar feed showing different streams including audio from the Texas Navy Dispatch, a map of Irma, and web cams from areas in the Hurricane’s path. A webcam from Key West, Florida in the upper right corner is currently down.

Millions have evacuated from their homes in Florida, fleeing the hurricane’s path. So far, about two million businesses and residences have lost power in south Florida.

The storm is currently predicted to journey up Florida’s western coastline, bringing life-threatening storm surges to certain parts of the west coast. Even those not in the direct path may still feel the storm’s effects, since hurricane force winds extend 80 miles from the center and tropical storm force winds extend 220 miles out.

Here is a feed from different news sources discussing Irma:

Here is a FOX feed on Irma:

Next is a live feed from local WPTV News in West Palm Beach:

ABC News live coverage and tracking the storm in real time:

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And live coverage from Fox 4 in Fort Myers, Florida:

An NBC News stream about Irma:

And a feed from ABC:

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And here’s a stream from local Bay News:

This next feed is interesting because it shows a live radar of Irma, with audio from Zello:

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Watch web cams live in Florida below:

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