Hurricane Irma in Naples: Video & Photos of the Storm & Damage



Palm trees blow in the wind in Naples, Florida, on September 10, 2017 as Hurricane Irma begins to hit Florida.

Hurricane Irma slammed into Naples today, leaving behind extensive damage in its wake. Streets flooded and trees were downed as the storm moved through. Even as a Category 2 when it reached Naples, the storm wasn’t a weakling.

Here are videos and photos from Naples, showing the storm as it moved through and some of the damage left behind.

Here you can see downed trees in Naples.

As the storm was arriving, winds temporarily lowered the water by three feet below normal.

And then there were moments like this, as a duck wandered around during the eye, seeking shelter.

And a video of CNN preparing to film as the eye approached:

And here is some ground flooding in Naples:

And another video of the eye wall passing through:

Another video during the storm:

Winds gusted up to 131 mph in some areas.

Here are some more photos of the damage in Naples after the hurricane had passed over.

Damage was already visible in the eye:

The water in Naples is finally receding in some places. Jay Gray of NBC News reported that the storm surge is between 5 to 6 feet and considered moderate. It will not become catastrophic in Naples.

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