Hurricane Irma & Florida Keys: Videos & Photos of the Storm & Damage



Rough surf churned up buy the approaching Irma damage the docks at Whale Harbour in the Florida Keys.

The Florida Keys were hit incredibly hard by Hurricane Irma today, before the storm began to lose strength before heading to the Florida peninsula. Reports are just starting to come out about the extent of damage in the Keys, since authorities have been warning away boaters and others.

Here’s what we know so far. This is a developing story.

John Huston, in Key Largo, sent texts about the storm, Fox 61 reported. He said there were howling winds and “whiteout conditions,” along with a usually 8 foot deep tide being sucked dry on the gulf side as the storm approached. He was about 76 miles from the eye of the storm, and the storm surge was about six feet in his area.

Below is a video from CNN driving through part of the Keys, showing the damage left from Irma. You can see many downed trees and damaged buildings, and others driving around after the storm:

Earlier in the day, Larry Kahn, editor of Keynoter and, reported from a “refuge of last resort” in Monroe County. He said that everything was underwater, the Miami Herald reported. He said that one man staying at the shelter died of natural causes. The food in the shelter was running low, he added, and the deputies were going to raid the school cafeteria for more food.

He told me everyone could be in this building for days. Everyone here seems to be just walking around in a fog.”

Bill South from the National Weather Service shared with ABC News earlier that there was tree damage on Duck Avenue, roof damage, flooding of up to three feet or more. The worst of the storm surge there was just east of the eyewall when it made landfall, about 7 to 10 feet.

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Here’s another video from Key West this morning:

And another video from the eye wall:

Here are some more photos from the area:

These photos show boats that were washed ashore, from the Orlando Sentinel:

Another photo of boats in the road, from Big Pine Key:

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And another photo from Big Pine Key, showing a roof in the driveway:

And a photo of Cudjoe Key from this morning:

Here are photos from the Oceanfront Bar and Restaurant in Key Largo:

And the entrance to the Publix in Key Largo:

And a report from Plantation Keys a few hours ago:

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One resident told NBC Nightly News that 70 to 80 percent of 100 homes were totaled by the hurricane:

And Key Largo was hit hard:

Here is a view of Harbor View Drive in the Florida Keys:

Here are live streams that showed Irma moving in, which suddenly went dark as Irma arrived and power was lost. This first video showed a guy at Irish Kevin’s who was sleeping on stage during the storm, with shots of the outside periodically:

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The rest of the live streams stopped working for the Florida Keys even earlier. It was eerie, watching the Keys live streams go out one by one…

Next was Southernmost Point. This web cam was pointed at a concrete buoy in Key West, Florida, marking the southernmost point in the United States. You can see the corner of South and Whitehead streets, just 90 miles to Cuba. Here’s a rewatchable video of Southernmost Point from earlier, in case you want to look back on things that happened on Friday:

BroadwaveLiveCams had multiple streams set up from Key West and Marathon Florida, but they have since all gone down. This super stream rotated among them all and you can rewind to see parts of it and exactly when it went down BroadwayLiveCams’ streams ended suddenly when the power was lost:

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This next live feed was a live stream of cruise ship docks at Mallory Square in Key West Florida. The signal has been lost, but you can look back at the video to see exactly when it happened.

Here was another video from Key West. This one shows the roof top of Two Friends Patio Restaurant near Duval and Front Street. The signal has been lost, but you can look back at the video to see exactly when it happened.

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This video showed another angle of cruise ship docks in Key West, Florida. The signal has been lost, but you can look back at the video to see exactly when it happened.

And the Key West Seaport Cam. The signal has been lost, but you can look back at the video to see exactly when it happened.

And the Marathon, Florida cam showing the ocean. The signal has been lost, but you can look back at the video to see exactly when it happened.

And here are snapchat videos from the Keys showing Irma’s strength:

And a video from Key West as Irma rolled in:

A dusk to dawn curfew has been ordered in the Florida Keys until further notice.

We will update this story as more information is available.