How Does Jack Die on ‘This Is Us’?


WARNING: The following contains spoilers about Jack’s death on This Is Us.

Tonight, fans finally found out how their beloved Jack dies.

At the top of the episode, Jack wakes up to find his house is completely ablaze. He manages to get Randall safely into his bedroom with Rebecca, who tells him that Kevin isn’t home; he’s sleeping at Sofie’s. Jack then runs to grab Kate, and the fire grows bigger.

After safely getting Rebecca, Randall, and Kate downstairs and outside using a bedsheet as a harness, Jack runs back inside, hoping to save Kate’s dog Louie. And just when we think he’s dead and the fire has swallowed him, Jack bursts through the front door with the dog in hand. And some family memorabilia, too. What a guy.

So if he didn’t die in the fire, how’d Jack lose his life?

After safely surviving the fire, Jack and Rebecca make their way to the hospital to treat the second-degree burn on Jack’s arm. When everyone feels confident that the arm will heal, Rebecca offers to grab something from the vending machine.

While Rebecca is making calls to check on the kids, we see doctors racing into Jack’s hospital room; Rebecca doesn’t see any of this. Her back is to the action. She then grabs a chocolate bar from the vending machine and is approached by Jack’s doctor, who tells her that Jack went into cardiac arrest. The doctor tells Rebecca Jack has died from a heart attack.

The episode in its entirety is sad, but some moments stick out more than others, like when Kevin visits his father’s funeral site to apologize to him. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there that night. And I’m sorry the last thing I said to you was awful,” Kevin says, fighting through tears.