Hefner Death & Playboy Mansion: Neighbor Owns Home Now


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The Playboy Mansion.

Now that Hugh Hefner has died, what will happen to the legendary Playboy Mansion where he lived and died? Will the Playboy Mansion outlive Hefner?

The Playboy Mansion was sold to Hefner’s neighbor, Daren Metropoulos, for $100 million. The sale of the iconic home included “the stipulation that Hefner would be allowed to live there for the rest of his life,” according to Time Magazine. CNN reported at the time that the sale was the most for a home in Hollywood ever.

However, CNN reported when the mansion was sold that Metropoulos has a vision of restoring it. “When Metropoulos takes possession of the home, he intends to combine his current property with the 5 acres on which the Playboy Mansion sits to restore the combined 7.3-acre property as it was originally developed in the 1920s for its first owner,” according to CNN. CNN added, “The home, where Hefner has lived and worked since 1971, has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a wine cellar, home theater, gym, tennis court and swimming pool partially covered by a man-made cave, or grotto.”

Playboy Enterprises was initially asking double what Metropoulos paid for the mansion: $200 million. The 2016 home sale almost didn’t go through because of the rider that Hefner could keep living there, but eventually it did. He had previously purchased the neighboring property from Hefner.

Metropoulos said in a statement at the time, “The Playboy Mansion is one of the most iconic properties in the world and the crown jewel of Holmby Hills and the platinum triangle. For the last 45 years, Mr. Hefner has imbued the estate with a rich and storied legacy. The property’s heritage is not only that of a famous address; it is a true masterpiece in design, constructed by a noted architect for a family who played an important role in the development of Los Angeles in the early 20th Century.”

He is the son of a billionaire who revived Hostess, and Daren Metropolous is the co-owner of Hostess. It’s not clear what Metropoulos will do with the iconic mansion or whether he will continue its tradition of parties but it’s possible he will. After all, as Hef’s neighbor, he hosted a party at the Playboy Mansion before for Snoop Dogg’s 2012 birthday.

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