Hasbro & Nintendo Team Up For Mario-Themed Monopoly


Monopoly GamerThere’s a lot of different Monopoly versions out there, but none are quite as unique as this.

Hasbro and Nintendo have joined forces to create a Monopoly experience like no other, called Monopoly Gamer. The game takes Mario characters, such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Princess Peach and makes them miniature to fit on your Monopoly board.

Monopoly Gamer

The game operates mostly the same way Monopoly would, but not without some twists. Each of the included four characters have a unique “Super Star” ability that is activated when they land on special spots on the board. For example, Yoshi is able to take all the coins on the board while Peach can collect rent on all of her properties. Players will also be able to activate their Power-Up ability by using their Power-up die.

Monopoly GamerThis makes the choosing of your character all the more important. Business still operates as usual, with you traveling around the board and buying properties but here’s where another twist comes into play. Money is replaced by coins and properties are bought with those instead. Every time a player lands on or passes “Go” a boss battle will begin and the player collects two coins.

Monopoly GamerThere are a total of eight bosses in the game, with Bowser being the final one. Players pay the amount of coins listed to fight the boss and if they win, the card is added to their inventory. The game ends when Bowser is defeated. Players count up points based on properties owned and bosses defeated, plus an additional 10 points for every five coins they have. The player with the most points wins. This will definitely speed up Monopoly games.

Monopoly Gamer

The board is also a lot smaller than most Monopoly games. This particular board only features two properties per Monopoly, instead of the usual three for most, except the first two and the last two, of course.

Monopoly Gamer

Additional characters are available for $2.99 each in the form of Booster Packs. The one I received was Luigi but you can get a lot more than just him.

Monopoly Gamer goes on sale to the public this August for $24.99.