Hair pulled and punches thrown during rap concert


Antibiotics Found In Popular Burgers


Almost every burger chain failed on this food safety report

A new report gave almost every major burger chain the US a failing grade for not having policies ensuring antibiotic-free beef. Chains that flunked included McDonald’s, Burger King and White Castle, while Shake Shack was one of the two chains that received an A. Antibiotic-resistant infections affect millions of Americans every year.

The MTA’s ‘Haunted Subway’ is traumatizing New York’s kids


The MTA’s ‘Haunted Subway’ is traumatizing New York’s kids

The NYPD opened their first “Haunted Subway” attraction at the Union Square subway stop. Based on the footage, however, the “haunted house” may have been a little too scary for children. Of course, the only thing scarier than the “monsters” in the subway are the constant delays.

Porsche Taken For Joy Ride


Mechanic caught red-handed taking Porsche for a joyride

A woman discovered her Porsche had been taken out for a joyride after dropping it off at a garage in Lampeter, Wales, for repairs. Jane Simmons noticed that a quarter-tank of gas was missing, so she checked her dashcam. This revealed that someone from the garage had taken the car out, and driven it at speeds up to 89 mph.

Reaction To Zombie Drug


Zombie-like woman found convulsing near abandoned house

A depressing scene was caught on camera in Baltimore, Maryland, when a resident discovered a woman having a bizarre episode near an abandoned house. It’s unclear what sparked the strange behavior, but she appeared to be clutching a syringe in one hand. According to the uploader, the woman’s family saw the video online and reached out about it.

Dog Rocks Baby in Car Seat


Loving dog gently rocks baby to sleep

A dog in Hong Kong, China, gently rocked a baby’s carseat, helping keep the infant relaxed. Chiko, a Shiba Inu, reportedly is obsessed with baby Leo. Based on this footage, Leo’s a very lucky baby.

Uber Passenger Throws Taco At Driver


Uber rider throws tacos at driver in violent outburst

An Uber driver was assaulted with tacos by a seemingly drunk passenger in Midland, Texas. Maria Chavez was transporting the woman and another man when they apparently tried to force her to return to a nearby bar to pick up more passengers. Video of the suspect throwing tacos at the driver was later released online, and social media users were able to identify her. Police are still investigating the incident.

Abandoned Child Left On Doorstep


Woman abandons child on a stranger’s doorstep

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Texas is searching for a woman who abandoned a 2-year-old boy on a stranger’s doorstep. Shocking security video shows the heartless incident, in which the female suspect is seen knocking on the door and then speeding off in a white car.

Dave Grohl Fan Plays Metallica On Stage


Boy who rocked with the Foo Fighters raises big bucks for sick friend

This kid rocks. Collier Rule became an internet sensation after the Foo Fighters brought the young guitarist on stage in Kansas City, Missouri. The 10-year-old impressed the rock legends with his musical talent — and even walked away with Dave Grohl’s guitar — but what happened next is truly applause-worthy.

Collier, whose performance was viewed more than 24 million times on Facebook, started a GoFundMe for his friend Bo, who suffers from an extremely rare disease. “He’s genuinely a good little human being with a good heart,” Collier’s mom, Jennifer Dlugolecki, told The Post.

Little Girl Loves Halloween Costume


Avocado Halloween costume is the best thing this little girl has ever seen

Leo Ramirez took his niece, Hayden, shopping in El Centro, California, when they discovered the perfect Halloween costume. The young girl tried on the giant avocado costume, and then burst out into an excited song. Some kids want to be monsters, others superheroes, and some just want to be a healthy snack.

Protester tells alleged 9/11 widow: ‘Your husband should rot in the grave’


Protester tells alleged 9/11 widow: ‘Your husband should rot in the grave’

An anti-fascist demonstrator verbally attacked a woman wearing an NYPD hat during recent protests in downtown Portland, Oregon. When she told him, “My husband died in 9/11,” he didn’t stop there. “Your f**king husband should probably f**king rot in the grave,” he yelled at her.