Google Pixel 2 & 2 XL: When Will Pre-Ordered Phones Ship?


Pixel 2Getty

Google’s newest smartphone has been available for pre-order for a few weeks, and the phones start shipping this week. Customers who ordered the phone are probably starting to get antsy about when to expect their phone to arrive.

The ship date of your phone in particular can be found in your confirmation email. If you were one of the first people to order a Pixel, your phone will start shipping on Tuesday, October 17 and be delivered by Thursday, October 19. The XL version of the phone sold pretty quickly, so a lot of the ship dates got pushed back. Again, to check your personal ship date, check your receipt. The ship dates of phones that are still being pre-ordered will differ from that original date.

The phones can still be ordered through Verizon and through Google. Here’s what you need to know about which phones you can still pre-order as of October 16.

PhoneCarrierStorageColorShip Date
Pixel 2Verizon64 GB/128 GBJust Black, Clearly White10/19
Pixel 2 XLVerizon64 GB/128 GBJust Black10/25
Pixel 2Verizon64 GB/128 GBBlack and White11/08
Pixel 2Unlocked64 GBJust Black10/29
Pixel 2 Unlocked128 GBJust Black10/17
Pixel 2Unlocked 64 GBClearly White10/22
Pixel 2 Unlocked128 GBClearly White3-4 Weeks
Pixel 2 XLUnlocked64 GBBlack and WhiteOut of Stock
Pixel 2 XLUnlocked128 GBBlack and WhiteOut of Stock
Pixel 2 XLUnlocked64 GBJust Black10/29
Pixel 2 XLUnlocked128 GBJust Black10/22

It looks like if you want to receive your Pixel on launch day and have yet to pre-order it, your best bet is the Pixel 2 Unlocked 128 GB Just Black version. The rest of the phones have delayed ship dates by at least a couple of days. It’s likely that stores will get replenished stock before the holiday season gets into full swing though.

All the Pixel 2 phones will be equipped with the Google Assistant, which can be synced with other Google devices including the Google Home Mini and Max and the Google Pixelbook, which will all be going on sale soon.

The phones also come equipped with an “Active Edge” that allows the user to squeeze the phone to indicate that they’d like their assistant to listen to their commands.

All the phones come with the same basic features and are dust- and water-resistant. They also launch with the ability to use always-on display and a lock screen that shows the user what song they are listening to. Neither phone will have a headphone jack.

To learn more about the features and price of the phones, see Heavy’s article here.