Google Home Mini: Price, Release Date & More



At Google’s event today, Google announced Google Home Mini, the newest member of the Google Home family. The device is made to make Google Home more fitting in the home environment. Most of the product is made out of fabric, which was also made by Google.

The Mini can be controlled by touch. You touch the device to activate your assistant or tell the speaker to do something. Mini can be connected wirelessly to any Chromecast to use the speaker anywhere in the home.

The Google Home Mini comes in three colors: coral, chalk and charcoal.

Google Home Mini will sell for $49 in the U.S. and you can preorder it today. It will be available in stores starting October 29.

The product has Google Calendar and Google Mail built in for accessibility. When you say “Good Morning” to the product, you can have the Google Assistant to give you your morning briefing, read your calendar or play a morning playlist.

All Google Home products now use Voice Match, which uses different voice factors to bring personal help to each individual member of the house. With over 50 million voice samples in hundreds of different environments, Google is confident that they have the best voice assistant in the world.

You can use your Google Home to call any device in any country for free with hands-free calling. Starting today, you can call with your personal number by verifying your number in the Google Home app.

You can use simple commands with Google Assistant. For example, if your home is equipped, you can say something like “Hey Google, make it warmer,” and the Google Assistant will turn up your thermostat to make it more comfortable in your house.

“You don’t have to talk like a computer,” Rishi Chandra, Google Director of Product management said.

Google also announced that the Google Home and Google Assistant products will launch in Japan this week.