Georgina Callandar: A Tribute to the Manchester Bombing Victim


georgina callandar

Georgina Callandar with Ariana Grande in 2015. (Instagram)

The first victim identified in the Manchester terrorist attack, Georgina Callander, was a teenage “super fan” of singer Ariana Grande.

Georgina, 18, had been to Ariana Grande concerts before, and expressed excitement at seeing Ariana again, the BBC reports. “I hugged her so tight,” Callandar wrote on Instagram in 2015 after meeting her idol.

Tragically, the teenager was one of 22 people who died in the attack, which authorities say was likely caused by a suicide bomber who has not yet been identified. At least 59 people were injured when the explosion rang out as the concert was ending in Manchester, in what is the largest indoor concert venue in England.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Georgina Had Posted to Ariana About Her Excitement Before the Concert

Before the concert, Georgina tweeted to Grande about her excitement.


2. The Teen Was Photographed With Ariana Grande in 2015 & Wrote ‘I Hugged Her So Tight’

It wasn’t Callandar first time at an Ariana Grande concert and, in 2015, she posted several photos with her idol on Instagram. She wrote with one of the photos, “MY M&G PHOTOS CAM THEOUFH SHE WAS SO CUTE ANS LOVLEY I HUGGED HER SO TIGHT AND SHE SAID SHE LOVED MY BOW I CANT GET OVER THIS I NEVER WILL.”

“LOOK HOW CUte SHE IS I CANT BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED,” she wrote on Instagram to accompany the second photo.

So close i cried

A post shared by georgina 🥀 (@georgina.bethany) on

“So close I cried,” she wrote with a video.

3. Georgina Filled Her Social Media Page With Trips to Disneyland & Other Places

Georgina went on trips to Disneyland, Paris, and other locales, according to her Instagram page.

Seven weeks ago, she wrote on Instagram with the above photo, “Hi i had such a good birthday i got to feed these cuties and some sea lions ! I also want to thank my mum for the best shoes everrr my lord i love them so much 🥀🥀🥀 i had such a good day with my friends and mum im super super happy 🎈🐥🎉 thank u to everyone who has wished me happy birthday as well 💓”

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She was a typical young person, posting about her excitement of seeing Disney movies: “I cant believe this movie is going to be the best thing since forever im so so sO excited oh my god ?! 😭🥀🌟 this is my all time favourite Disney movie i cant even believe only 20 days 🐥#beautyandthebeast.”

4. Georgina Was Described as an Ariana Grande ‘Super Fan’ & Was the First Victim Named

Altogether, at least 22 people died in the attack, which has now been claimed by the Islamic State. Georgina was the first victim named.

According to the Irish Times, Manchester’s top police official said it’s believed that the attacker was “carrying an improvised explosive device, which he detonated, causing this atrocity” and acted alone. The suicide bomber has not yet been identified

5. Other Young People Are Still Missing After the Attack

olivia campbell

Olivia Campbell, missing in the Manchester attack. (Facebook)

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All through the night, family and friends waited desperately for news about other people who were reported missing after the attack and who still hadn’t turned up.

One of those young people is Olivia Campbell, a 15-year-old girl whose mother took to the airwaves to try to find her. She was still reported missing hours after the attack.

Liam Curry and Chloe Rutherford were also still being sought by loved ones.

Another of the missing: A young man named Martyn Hett.

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