Geary Danley Wrongly Identified as Las Vegas Shooter


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Before police identified Stephen Paddock as the sole suspect in the Las Vegas concert shooting, the internet had pegged a man named Geary Danley as the shooter. Several people were convinced that the man that opened fire during the Route 91 Harvest country music festival was Mr. Danley, and his photo was passed around social media.

As you can see in the above post, Geary Danley appears to be a family man with strong feelings against President Trump.

Following the shooting which left 50 people dead and hundreds more injured, police identified a female “person of interest” named Marilou Danley. Since she has the same last name as Mr. Danley this kept the false reports and rumors going.

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According to USA Today, authorities have spoken with Danley and have concluded that she was not involved in the shooting.

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