FULL AUDIO: Greg Gianforte Allegedly Assaults Reporter Ben Jacobs


Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte talks with supporters during a campaign meet and greet at Lambros Real Estate on May 24 in Missoula, Montana. (Getty)

Guardian U.S.’s Ben Jacobs was at an event asking Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte about his view on health care.

Suddenly, Gianforte “body-slammed” Jacobs out of nowhere, throwing him to the ground in an aggressive manner. Jacobs said that the incident caused his glasses to break.

In the raw audio, Jacobs asks Gianforte about his stance on health care. Gianforte says he wanted to “talk about that later,” before a loud rustle is heard. After that, Gianforte screams, “I’m sick and tired of you guys. The last time you came in here, you did the same thing. Get the hell out of here.”

Listen to the audio of the incident in the video below: