Free ‘VC’ Alert: My NBA 2k18 App Out Now


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NBA 2k18 hits consoles September 19th, but 2K Games gave us a different kind of prelude today when they released the My NBA 2k18 app for iOS and Android.

Housing a suite of useful features, the My NBA 2k app has been something of a must-have for serious 2K players for one reason.

Free VC. VC, or virtual currency, has been the backbone of the NBA 2k economy for years. You earn it by playing games in GM Mode, My Career Mode, winning online, dominating in My Team, and so on.

But in the early going of these modes, when you’re new to playing, VC is hard to come by, making the upgrades you need to be competitive almost impossible to earn in many cases.

This is where the NBA 2k18 companion app comes in. In addition to offering a fun card battling mini game that’s a lot like WWE Supercard or Top Drives, you can earn significant amounts of VC in the app that translates to your NBA2k18 game – upto 500 a day.

However, it appears that ability to earn VC is downplayed. Instead the focus of the app is on earning rewards, cards, and energy for the card battling game that’s the primary thrust of the app.

That said, there’s a daily VC login bonus that will likely grow with subsequent check-ins, which is good. Alas, you can’t spam minigames and earn thousands of VC throughout the day as you could back in the day, which is a bummer…but understandable.

Stay tuned for future updates on how to earn VC via the My NBA 2k18 app.