Free Google Home Mini and Doughnuts: Where to Find the Pop-Up Shops


Google Home MiniGetty

The Google Home Mini comes in 3 colors.

In celebration of bringing a new product to the line of Home Services, Google is bringing the Google Home Mini and free doughnuts to pop-up shops around the country. The shops started appearing on October 5 and will continue to appear into early November.

25% of the attendees at these pop-up shops will bring home a free Google Home Mini, and the rest of the attendees will win 2 free doughnuts. Everyone that attends will be able to see the new product in action and experience the Google Home Assistant that is the product.

According to Google’s website, the Home Mini is “the size of a donut” with “the power of a superhero.” Since Google is advertising the Google Home Mini as the size and shape of a doughnut, it only makes sense for them to lure people to their product with the promise of free doughnuts.

There are 11 locations for the pop-up shops. View the list below to see if there’s one near you. To find specific times for when these shops will be open, see Google’s list here.

Location/Donut ShopDates
San Francisco/Johnny’s DoughnutsOct. 4
Oct. 14-15
Manhattan/Doughnut PlantOct. 4-8
Los Angeles/Randy’s DonutsOct. 7-8
Brooklyn/Doughnut PlantOct. 20-22
Toronto, Canada/Jelly Modern DoughnutsOct. 26-27
Oklahoma City, OK/ Brown’s BakeryOct. 28-29
Madison, WINov. 2
Chicago/Stan’s DonutsNov. 4-5
Indianapolis/Taylor’s BakeryNov. 4
St. Louis, MO/Strange DonutsNov. 4

The event is not the only way to get a free Google Home Mini. Anyone who orders a Google Pixel 2 or 2 XL will receive a code for a free Google Home Mini. All these devices work the best together, so it makes sense that Google is pushing its Google Home products along with their new phones. The devices all come with Google’s Google Assistant installed and promise to make your life easier.

The Google Home Mini comes in three colors: charcoal, chalk, and coral.