‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ News: Camus Grand Hero Battle Found by Datamine


A new grand hero battle with Camus of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon has been confirmed by a datamine of Fire Emblem Heroes.

Pictures of the banner for the grand hero battle as well as the map of the battle have been found in the game’s files. According to a video by YouTuber nstyler, the map is based off a section of the 20th chapter of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. It is currently unknown when the grand hero battle will be available.

As with the other grand hero battles, winning this one with all allies intact will reward you with Camus as a playable hero. Camus is a blue cavalry unit with sizeable attack, speed, and defense but low resistance. His weapon Gradivus enables the unit to counterattack when attacked at any range. His A Skill is Grani’s Shield which neutralizes weapons that neutralizes effective attacks, meaning that “Wolf” tomes and other weapons that do extra damage against cavalry units will do regular damage. He also gets Growing Thunder as a special skill which damages groups of enemies on the map when initiating combat.

There will also be a summoning focus called “Battling Camus” focusing on heroes able to counter Camus following previous summoning events coinciding with grand hero battles. However there is no banner and no information on who is included in the summoning focus and when it’s available.

The requirements for completing the June Quests, Training Tower Quests, and the quests for the Bridal Blessings Paralogue. They also have the artwork and max stats for each of the four heroes in the Bridal Blessings summoning focus: Caeda, Cordelia, Lyn, and Charlotte. They also have the maps for the paralogue levels and even found some of the dialogue for the Bridal Blessings heroes.

The Bridal Blessings heroes will be available to summon from May 30, 12:00 a.m. PT to June 13, 11:59 p.m. PT. They may or may not appear again in a summoning event in the future.

The next arena season’s bonus heroes include the four Bridal Blessings heroes and will earn you bonus points for arena victories. The season will last from May 30 12:00 a.m. PT to June 20, 3:59 p.m. PT.

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