Fire Emblem Heroes Brave Heroes Revealed


A new update video for Fire Emblem Heroes was released, announcing the Brave Heroes as part of the Choose Your Legends event.

Heroes that were previously voted for during a contest before the game’s release will be receiving alternate versions with new weapons and skills. Lucina has a lance, Roy has a new sword and a horse, Lyn has a bow and a horse, and Ike has an axe.

The summoning event for these four heroes will get a twist as you’ll be able to choose which 5-star hero you want for free.

A voting gauntlet was also announced between Ike, Hector, Roy, Chrom, Camilla, Tharja, Lucina, and Lyn.

Both the new heroes and the voting gauntlet are coming August 31, 2017.

In other news, a game called Quick Hero Battle was added to the official Fire Emblem Heroes website.

The last Feh Channel update in July 2017 announced new Nohrian Summer heroes as well as the arrival of new modes like Arena Assault, and a special log in bonus and summoning banner for the six month anniversary.