Finsbury Park Car Ramming: Photos & Videos From the Scene



Metropolitan Police say that one person was arrested after he rammed his vehicle into a group of pedestrians as they left a mosque June 19.

Authorities updated the situation to say there were a “number of causalities” in the incident, but weren’t specific on a number. Reports from social media say that at least 10 people were walking when the suspect’s van ran them over at a high rate of speed.

There is no suggestion by police that the incident in Finsbury is terrorism related.

One Twitter user on the scene said that he counted at least seven people being injured with three of them being “seriously hurt.” He said that they were on their way back from Taraweh, a prayer performed by Muslims, at Finsbury Park Mosque.

Another reported seeing officers giving CPR on victims on the ground.

A large amount of armed officers raced to the scene, at Seven Sisters Road in North London. A police helicopter was also overhead.

Here are some photos and videos from the scene:

A Video of the Reported Suspect Was Posted on Twitter

A Video of the Reported Suspect Was Posted on Twitter

Videos &Amp; Photos Showed Police &Amp; People Gathering at the Scene

Finsbury Park Mosque ‘Car Ramming’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Met police have confirmed they are responding to a “serious incident” on Seven Sister Road outside the Finsbury Park Mosque where a man allegedly drove into Muslims.

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