What to Wear to Go Hiking When You’re a Fashion Girl

Parent Trap LEAD
Andrea Cheng

and Kristina Rutkowski

Apr 30, 2018 @ 12:30 pm
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“I’m a bona fide city girl,” was Carrie Bradshaw’s response when Aidan asked her to join him at his “country cabin” for the summer (watch: season four episode nine “Sex and the Country” for a quick SATC refresher). And it was mine when my very active, very outdoors-y boyfriend floated his dream summer plan by me at the start of the season: to spend every weekend hiking upstate.

But before I could dismiss the idea and crush his dreams completely (because, nature), I stopped myself at the intriguing prospect of piecing together a bona fide hiking-girl outfit—inspired by the fall runways, of course. Gucci sent an updated take on the sneaker boot hybrid down the runway during Milan Fashion Week, and Balenciaga grounded bold, sporty parkas with tailoring during the Paris shows. Clearly, my boyfriend wasn’t the only one enamored with the Great Outdoors. And if I was going to do this hiking thing—climb boulders, follow trail markers, identify plants(?)—then might as well commit and dress the part.

Well, I was basically Meredith from Parent Trap during my first hike (without the Lindsay Lohan-conspired pranks), but now that I’ve survived a few trails, I feel confident enough to impart some knowledge, like layering is essential, as is stocking a backpack with snacks, or even just carrying a backpack (and not say, a clutch). I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and compiled a 12-item checklist of what you, a fashion girl, need to wear or bring during a hike. Scroll through to shop each piece, but first: Can somebody hand me my Evian?

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