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Alexis Parente

Apr 24, 2017 @ 4:00 pm

Everyone hates bra shopping, that is a universal fact. We found the two brands out there that have made it their mission to make shopping for the perfect fit bra something women love. ThirdLove and True & Co. have both created special programs to help women find the bra that fits them the best. ThirdLove gives women the opportunity to order the bras they want and then try them on in the comfort of their own home risk-free while True & Co. has a created a special quiz to help its women to find their bras through recommendations and date from their many customers. Shop the two brands that are making the world of bras not so scary!

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Don’t feel like that A fits you but that B is too big ThirdLove has given women the choice of A 1/2, half sizes to give you that perfect fit. ThirdLove has made the fit their pride and joy with accordion straps for extra support, tagless clasps and flat tubing underwire – poking underwire no more! With the Breast Shape Dictionary you were be able to identify which style will fit you best without leaving your computer. When it comes to bras ThirdLove is thinking about us all the way!



The True & Co. Fit Quiz will get you into your favorite bra without a fitting room, measuring tape, pesky sales people or photos. After you have completed your fit quiz you will receive the best bras for your shape and size. With the brands amazing free return and exchange policy there is no pressure to find a bra right away you have time to try as many as you want and when you feel like it. The True & Co. brand is all about comfort, through their at Fit Quiz and the construction of their bras you will always be comfortable.


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