Lilly Pulitzer Found a Way to Turn Avocados Into Fashion

Lily Pulitzer Pink Sunset

Alexis Bennett

Oct 05, 2017 @ 4:30 pm
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Lilly Pulitzer’s Guac Out collection has finally arrived (yes, as in guacamole). And it’s exactly what it sounds like. You can now enjoy your favorite snack in fashion form, thanks to the brand’s latest print. The new design combines Lilly Pulitzer’s tropical pink-and-green aesthetic with creamy, ripe avocados.

And in even more surprising news: The Guac Out collection is something the entire family can wear. Lilly Pulitzer included the fun print on women, children, and men’s pieces. This is the first time in ages that the brand has dropped something for the fellas. So now, you can grab a dress for yourself and shorts for the men in your life. The guys can also dress up their looks with the avocado-covered ties and pocket squares. And there are itsy-bitsy bow ties for little boys, too.

If you’re thinking about scoring something from the limited-edition collection, you need to move fast because Lilly Pulitzer fans are already going crazy over the new launch. And no, they do not care that the summer is over. One Twitter user wrote, “Tell me why I shouldn’t drop the big bucks on the new @LillyPulitzer avocado dress. Don’t say “Bc it’s fall” that’s irrelevant.”

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Excited shoppers are not wasting any time filling up their baskets. So you might as well get in on the avocado action by checking out some of the new Lilly Pulitzer offerings below.

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