Everything I Learned from Trying on Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings

Victoria's Secret Angel Wings Lead
Tim Soter

Danielle Prescod

Nov 10, 2015 @ 3:15 pm

There are few things I want more in life than to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel. However, even after a year of dieting and exercising like the Angels (really!), I am still merely an earthling. But that hasn’t stopped my fascination with all things V.S., so I set out to meet Marian “Killer” Hose, the official wing-maker of the brand.

I arrive to her studio on a Friday morning, and on display are five pairs of wings that will grace the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show stage this year. One pair, which features an elaborate web of blinking lights, is hooked up to an oversized battery pack and Hose’s assistant is affixing it with hundreds of Swarovski crystals from a hot glue plate. A second mechanically-advanced pair will actually spin. The other three, considerably larger in scale, did not move but were not any less impressive.

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And then my dreams came true when Hose slipped a pair on back. Forget RedBull, Victoria’s Secret gives you wings. Though totally and completely awesome, walking in an Angel’s shoes (or wings in this case) is not easy, so, ahead, everything I learned from my personal Victoria Secret’s wing fitting. 

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