8 Celebrities Who Are Making Sheer Tops and Black Bras a Fashion Statement

Celebs in Bras - Lead
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Andrea Cheng

Oct 30, 2015 @ 11:00 am

There’s no getting between stars and their recent obsession with sheer clothing. Well, except for a black bra. Celebrities are taking the translucent trend to the next level with see-through tops that leave nothing to the imagination. Once considered a faux pas, showing off your lingerie has become an increasingly standard move to impart a hit of instant sex appeal. And interestingly enough, it’s not just the usual suspects—i.e. the young and daring—who are embracing this revealing fashion statement, but the more conservative (or so we thought!) set as well.    

We rounded up recent red carpet events, in which A-listers and their bras have made an appearance, and ranked them from mild to wild. 

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