15 Times Birthday Girl Rihanna Made Sweats Look Chic as Hell

Rihanna Stylish Sweats - LEAD

Olivia Bahou

Feb 20, 2017 @ 9:15 am

Happy birthday to the queen of chic. Rihanna turns 30 years old today, and like a fine wine, her style has only gotten better with age.

When RiRi dresses up, she goes all out, from princess dresses to fit-for-royalty trains, but it’s her day-to-day street style that really has us talking. The singer is an expert in making sweats and tees look utterly chic, pairing high and low like it ain’t no thing.

VIDEO: Watch Rihanna’s Beauty Transformation

Want to make a baggy T-shirt front-row appropriate? Throw on some diamonds and a Louis Vuitton bag. How could a sweatshirt possibly be date night wear? Easy: don’t put on any pants.

Keep scrolling for a how-to guide from the expert in elevating basics. With tips from this pro, you’ll be mixing joggers and stilettos in no time.

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