14 of the J.Lo-iest Outfits Jennifer Lopez Has Ever Worn

Jennifer Lopez Looks - LEAD
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Alison Syrett Cleary

Jul 24, 2016 @ 10:15 am

To get dressed as Jennifer Lopez is to get dressed without fear. You don’t care if the 10,000 hand-sewn crystals on your cape sparkle so much in the sun the paparazzi trailing you is temporarily blinded, or stress over the complicated bathroom logistics a skintight metallic jumpsuit presents. When faced with the kind of crop top that calls for the highest of high rises, you defiantly slip into low slung pants—and still, somehow, pull it off.

We first began noticing the star’s unapologetically dramatic approach to dressing right after her splashy, rhinestone-covered turn as the late Latina pop icon Selena in 1997; although she was a newbie on the Hollywood scene, the singer turned actress wasn’t afraid of infusing every public appearance with glamour and sexy, streetwise edge. Since then we’ve been anticipating her every sartorial habit like a science fiction fanatic waiting for their favorite author’s next novel to drop: unsure of what to expect, but positive its going to be good. J.Lo always delivers.

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Today, in honor of the star’s 47th birthday (seriously—we barely believe it, too), we’ve gathered unforgettable looks that epitomize her signature style. Happy four-seven, Jennifer! Here’s to another year of outfits only you can pull off.

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