Far Cry 3 Classic Edition Free With Far Cry 5 Season Pass


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Far Cry 3 (Ubisoft)

Far Cry 3 is getting remastered for current gen consoles.

The game is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. According to Ubisoft, the game will be available for free in the Far Cry 5 season pass. You can also play Far Cry 3 four weeks earlier than other players.

Remastering Far Cry 3 is actually quite ironic, considering one of the most notable quotes in the game defines insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again expecting things to change.”

Far Cry 3 was notable for its rip-roaring, weed-burning gameplay. It codified the modern Ubisoft open world formula from its abundant amount of collectibles to its radio towers.

Far Cry 3 isn’t the only Ubisoft game to have an upcoming remaster. Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered was announced last month and is coming on March 20 for Xbox One and PS4. It will include all of the downloadable content from the game including two bonus missions and DLC packs, according to a press release. It will support 4K on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X and run at 1080p on the PS4 and Xbox One. It also features improved graphics and new DLC outfits based on past Assassin’s Creed heroes.