‘Empire TV Tycoon’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know


Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Empire TV Tycoon.

1. Mix Up Your Content

Empire TV Tycoon

• Don’t be afraid to experiment with your movie schedule; that’s the only way you’ll know which genres your audiences are receptive too. It’s also recommended you refresh your movie inventory often by selling off used movies and buying new ones.

2. Pay Attention to the Numbers

Empire TV Tycoon

• You can learn more about your audience’s preferences by checking the statistics board beside your desk. Use it to obtain valuable information that’ll help you improve throughout your journey.

3. Understand Your Audiences

Empire TV Tycoon

• It’s difficult to keep everyone happy with your channel’s content. Try to balance your movie schedule to suit various groups, so nobody is neglected.

4. Manage Your Advertising Efficiently

Empire TV Tycoon

• Advertising is your primary source of income. It’s recommended you only use ads that you can air within the allocated time. Running too many ads will increase the chances of not being able to air all of them, resulting in a financial penalty.

5. Read the Fan Mail

Empire TV Tycoon

• You’ll gain high amounts of fame and money by completing personal requests sent in by viewers. They aren’t mandatory, and some are a little weird, but they’re certainly worth fulfilling if you want to progress fast.

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