DraftKings Lineup NFL: Best Picks & DFS Players Week 3


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Expect Chris Carson to be more involved in the Seahawks offense.

As we look at NFL Week 3 for DraftKings purposes, we find a lot of value at the running back position. If you had to summarize our strategy this week, it is to go cheap at running back then pair those players with three solid wide receivers. There are a number of backs to choose from who are expected to be involved in the passing game, which gives them upside on DraftKings.

Running backs like Dalvin Cook and Chris Thompson offer added value with their contribution in the passing game. Chris Carson appears to be the Seahawks lead back, and is another cheap option.

When approaching quarterback this week, it is important to identify your strategy. Alex Smith is a great bargain option at $5,900, but may not offer you the same upside as some of the other quarterbacks. At the same time, he has a safe floor almost assuredly offering solid production.

Wide receiver is where most of our money is going. We are not afraid to pay up for two or even three high-level receivers. There is so much value at running back that it should allow you a little more bankroll at receiver.

I have listed my top five options at each position then put together my top lineup picks. These are not necessarily who we expect to be the top five producers, but are the five players at each position who offer the most value based on their price tag. You can mix and match the picks to create your own lineup, or use my best lineup picks.

Here’s a look at my NFL DraftKings best lineup picks for Week 3.

DraftKings Best Quarterbacks: Week 3

1. Derek Carr, Raiders$6,800
2. Carson Wentz, Eagles$5,900
3. Matt Ryan, Falcons$6,900
4. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers$5,600
5. Alex Smith, Chiefs$5,900

DraftKings Best Running Backs: Week 3

1. Dalvin Cook, Vikings$5,900
2. Chris Thompson, Redskins$4,500
3. Chris Carson, Seahawks$4,900
4. Derek Henry, Titans$5,300
5. Ty Montgomery, Packers$6,900

DraftKings Best Wide Receivers: Week 3

1. Mike Evans, Buccaneers$7,500
2. Keenan Allen, Chargers$7,200
3. DeAndre Hopkins, Texans$5,300
4. Jarvis Landry, Dolphins$6,800
5. Davante Adams, Packers$5,600

Best DraftKings Lineup: Week 3

QBDerek Carr, Raiders$6,800
RBDalvin Cook, Vikings$5,900
RBChris Thompson, Redskins$5,400
WRMike Evans, Buccaneers$7,500
WRKeenan Allen, Chargers$7,200
WRDeAndre Hopkins, Texans$5,300
TEEvan Engram, Giants$3,200
FLEX (WR)Chris Carson, Seahawks$4,900