Donald Trump’s Age & Birthday: How Old Is He Compared to the Oldest Presidents?



Today is President Donald Trump’s birthday. But how old is he compared to the oldest Presidents who have served our country so far? You might actually be surprised by the answer.

Donald Trump is the Oldest President at the Time of Entering Office


Donald Trump is 71 today. He’s been making history since the moment he stepped into office. In fact, he is the oldest President at the time of entering office in our nation’s history.

Despite his age, Trump is in great health. The Washington Post reported in January that actuarial data indicates he could live another 15 years. This is because he doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol, which works statistically in his favor even if he doesn’t exercise and he likes to eat fast food.

Trump’s parents also left him a good legacy. His mom lived to be 88 and his father lived to be 93. His father, Fred, however, suffered with Alzheimer’s for the last five years of his life.

Trump’s doctor also reported that Trump was in great health, saying he takes a statin to lower cholesterol, which is currently in the normal range. He also takes low-dose aspirin, and his blood pressure and blood sugar are normal. Liver and thyroid functions are also normal, his doctor said, along with his last electrocardiogram and chest X-ray.

Ronald Reagan Is the Second-Oldest President


Before Trump entered office, the honor of oldest President of the United States was held by former President Ronald Reagan. He was 69 on his Inauguration Day in 1981, while Trump was 70. Reagan is still the oldest man to have served as President, since he was almost 78 when he left office.

Other Presidents who were in their 60s when they took office include: John Adams (61), Andrew Jackson (61), William H. Harrison (68), Zachary Taylor (64), James Buchanan (65), Harry S. Truman (60), Dwight D. Eisenhower (62), Gerald Ford (61), and George H. W. Bush (64).

The youngest President to ever assume office was Theodore Roosevelt at the age of 42. Next was John F. Kennedy, who was 43. Bill Clinton was the next youngest at 46. Barack Obama was 47 when he became President.