Donald Trump Jr. Makes Final Push To Vote Red with Heartfelt Plea to American Citizens


Donald Trump Jr. hit an economic note in his last-minute push to get out the GOP vote on Election Day.

In a tweet early Tuesday, he shared an image showing positive economic numbers from October.

“If you like all the new jobs added, the extra money in your wallet, the fact that America is respected again on the world stage get out and vote a straight Republican ticket,” he tweeted.

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Citing the Republican Party’s “Better Off Now” campaign, Trump Jr. provided statistics along with some context relevant to his endorsement of GOP policies.

The graphic touts “250,000 new jobs added (60,000 more than expected).”

The stats also cite a 3.7 percent unemployment rate that is the “lowest in nearly 50 years” and a 3.1 percent wage growth that marks the “fastest rate since 2009.”

Trump Jr. also included a link for those voters who do not know where their polling place is along with a final instruction to “#VoteRed.”

Is the economy a winning issue for Republicans?

Many Republican candidates and surrogates are heralding positive economic numbers in making the case for continued GOP leadership in Congress.

President Donald Trump, however, has chosen to focus a majority of his recent campaign rallies and public statements on issues like immigration, describing economic success as a boring campaign-trail topic.

“We can talk about the economy, but the fact is, we know how well we’re doing in the economy and we have to solve problems,” he told a crowd in Florida last week.

The following day in Montana, Trump lamented the perceived effect economic talk has on his more fervent supporters.

He told those gathered for a rally on Saturday that he sees “no reason to go on about it for 45 minutes,” setting his limit at roughly one-tenth of that amount.

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“I can only go for four or five minutes with that stuff, and then the crowd says, ‘We love you,’ and then they start dwindling off,” the president said.

As the Washington Examiner reported, Republicans have expressed concern that Trump’s style puts the media in the position of dictating the direction of their own coverage.

“The challenge you have is the president likes to have big long discussions at rallies, and then the message of the rally can be anything CBS decides, because you mentioned 20 things,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.

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