Did Craig Conover & Girlfriend Naomie Olindo Break Up?


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This season on Southern Charm, Craig Conover and longtime girlfriend Naomie Olindo have been at each other’s throats, attending counseling and making other cast members feel uncomfortable with their bickering. The couple appears to be on the brink of breaking up and Conover even threatens to separate from Olindo while on a getaway with friends on the show.

Surprisingly, yes the couple is still together and they make it out of season 4 alive. Recently, on June 12, 2017, Olindo wrote on Instagram about her rocky relationship and what it was like to watch their fighting on national television. Olindo revealed:

Tonight’s episode is a rough one to watch. Somehow I don’t regret the experience and what I learned from putting personal things out in the universe. Craig Conover I am so proud of you and love you so much. We are living and learning and I’m thankful to still have you by my side.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Conover talked about what viewers see on the show and how their relationship has changed since its beginning. Conover explained:

You got to see the honeymoon period last year. This year, Naomie is such an honest person, which is a good thing. So, if she was mad at me, or if we had something to talk about, there wasn’t any holding back. I think viewers will have a good time watching.

Conover and Olindo knew each other in college, but reconnected afterwards and they currently live together in Pleasant, South Carolina.