Devon Arthurs: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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devon arthurs

Devon Arthurs mugshot.

A Florida man and alleged former neo Nazi is accused of murdering his two roommates because they disrespected Islam, his new religion.

Devon Arthurs shot 22-year-old Jeremy Himmelman and 18-year-old Andrew Oneschuk, his roommates in a Tampa, Florida apartment before giving himself up in a nearby smoke shop, police allege.

According to Fox 13 News reporter Evan Lambert, police say “Arthurs also said he & his roommates shared neo-Nazi beliefs until he converted” to the Muslim faith.

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Here’s what you need to know:

1. Arthurs Is Accused of Mentioning Allah & Killing His Roommates for Disrespecting Islam

andrew oneshuk

Andrew Oneshuk. (Facebook)

Arthurs, 18, is accused of shooting his two roommates to death in the Florida apartment complex where they all lived because they hadn’t taken kindly to his conversion to the Muslim faith.

Police said both were killed by gunshot wounds. Lambert tweeted that the suspect is accused of using a rifle in the slayings.

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The reporter said that a police report alleges that Arthurs “made reference to Allah, killed victims b/c they disrespected Muslim faith.”

According to Fox 13, Arthurs said, “I had to do it. This wouldn’t have had to happen if your country didn’t bomb my country.” The story says he referenced “Allah Mohammed!” to officers.

2. Employees at a Smoke Shop Say Arthurs Came Into the Business Wielding a Gun

andrew oneshuk

Andrew Oneshuk. (Facebook)

Police learned about the murders because Arthurs is accused of leading them to the bodies. He’d shown up in a local smoke shop with a gun, police say.

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According to the Tampa Police Department press release on the case, “The investigation started at approximately 5:28 p.m. on May 19 when officers responded to a call regarding a suspicious male who was possibly armed at the Green Planet Smoke Shop. The officers made contact with the suspect who was armed at the time. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.”

Arthurs then led authorities to the bodies, the release said.

“While in custody, the suspect made comments to the officers that he killed two people. The suspect directed the officers to a home inside The Hamptons Condominium, located at 15350 Amberly Drive. Officers entered the residence and located two deceased males,” the release said.

3. One of the Victims Had Posted a Pro Trump Sign on Facebook in Camouflage

devon arthurs, andrew oneshuk

The cover photo on Oneshuk’s Facebook page.

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Oneshuk’s Facebook cover photo shows men in camouflage and weapons posing with a Trump sign. On the comment thread, he appears to be commenting that Trump will destroy NATO, which he supports.

“Tfw your president wants to put nato in the ground too,” Oneshuk wrote under the photo. A friend commented, “tfw trump will fix this sh*thole,” and Oneshuk responded, “He’s going to make pre fallout 3 real.”

The Fallout video game series deals with a post apocalyptic world that has been destroyed by nuclear war.

4. A White Supremacist Site Claims the Victims Were Distributing Fliers at Universities & That They Thought Arthurs Was a Federal Informant

A white supremacist site, Daily Stormer, called the victims members of the “Atomwaffen,” and said they “made just one mistake,” which the site says was trusting a convert to Islam (while using an offensive slur for members of the faith.)

The site alleged, “Atomwaffen are a bunch of good dudes. They’ve posted tons of fliers with absolutely killer graphics at tons of universities over the years.”

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The site posted a piece of a chat thread in which members talked about Arthurs, and alleges, “All three of these people were known to us. I have personally had a conversation with the Islamic murderer months ago, where I implied he might be a federal agent. I had just banned him from our Discord server for being shady as all hell and trying to get people to convert to Salafism, an especially violent and wicked form of Islamism.”

RadarOnline, in January, wrote an expose on the Atomwaffen, which the site said are “a group of neo-Nazi nerds” who “have been recruiting new members at top tier American universities.” The site added that the “Atomwaffen Division, are considered a potential threat because they’re aligned with Islamic terrorists and are encouraging attacks on the United States.”

5. Arthurs Is Accused of Telling Police He Was Angry By How the World Treated Muslims

According to Fox13, the suspect is accused of becoming more and more enraged by how the world treated Muslims.

“Since converting, he became angered by the world’s anti-Muslim sentiment and ‘wanted to bring attention’ to his cause,” wrote the television station.

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