Destiny 2 Xbox One Users Hit with Mongoose Error and Long Matchmaking


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Destiny 2 launched yesterday and for the most part went off without a hitch. It wasn’t until much later in the day where issues began to pop up. When the servers went live, players might have found themselves in a queue waiting to get in but there were never any problems with the servers themselves. Until now, the errors have been exclusive to the PS4 but now we have an issue popping up on Xbox One.

The first two issues included the inability to access the Destiny 2 servers, despite making it to the character selection screen. The second error resulted in crashes to the dashboard of the PlayStation 4. Bungie has fixed the first issue and they are currently looking into the second one. If you want to stay up to date on problems players are facing in Destiny 2, keep checking back with Bungie’s support Twitter page.

Xbox One players managed to stay out of the line of fire for the most part but now some users are reporting lengthy matchmaking times. If you’re on Xbox One and have been waiting in Crucible queue for what seems like forever, just know that you’re not the only one and it is a problem that Bungie is looking into.

It some cases, players are experiencing the Mongoose error, likely a nod to Bungie’s Halo days. Some replies to the tweet itself have players claiming to be sitting on the same screen for upwards of half an hour. Many users replied to the tweet saying “finally” suggesting that the error has been ongoing since launch. You might find yourself even sitting at 7/8 players for a long time but it’s good to see Bungie is on top of it. No timetable has been given for how long it will take to receive a fix.

With a game as big as Destiny 2, some launch day bugs were to be expected but now it’s getting a tad out of hand. Many players are reporting the “Cabbage” error but Bungie has not commented on that as of yet. If it becomes more widespread, we can expect to see an official response. All we can do now is hope for a speedy recovery for both Xbox One and PS4 players.

There’s another issue plaguing Destiny 2 but this one isn’t software or hardware related. A controversial change to make shaders a one time use instead of being infinite has left players on the Destiny subreddit in a small panic. You can read more about that right here.

Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One and PS4. The PC version is arriving October 24 exclusively for