Destiny 2: When Will the September 18 Maintenance End?



Destiny 2 has officially undergone some server maintenance today, so if you are looking to play you’ll need to wait a few hours. Starting now, developer Bungie has taken to Twitter to explain when the server maintenance began and when users can expect it to end. If you want to log on Destiny 2 as soon as it goes live again, the server maintenance will end at 11:00 a.m. PDT/ 2:00 p.m. EDT. Bungie also notes that certain features like the mobile app, character viewing, and itself will be unavailable or restricted.

There is no word on what this server maintenance is actually looking to fix, but our best guess is that more Guided Games features are coming online. Given this is still in a beta phase, there is clearly a lot of experimenting and work that needs to be done. Since some activities like Trials of the Nine and Crucible in general still lack this feature, it’s important that Bungie implements it soon for solo players.

For those who played last week, you’ll remember that the server work went much longer than expected. Make sure to keep checking back here for any updates regarding the server maintenance, as it’s more than possible it gets delayed. Remember, that when the servers do open up, players should expect some queue delays since everyone will be trying to log into the game at once. Hopefully, this Destiny 2 maintenance doesn’t get delayed and we continue our grind in a few hours.