Destiny 2: How to Play Co-op and With Friends


Destiny 2Bungie

Destiny 2 is the newest FPS from developer Bungie and it’s aiming to deliver on all the promises that players had for the first game. While you can play many activities alone, it’s highly recommended that you complete missions with a fireteam. This typically consists of 3 people (6 in a raid) and they can be either random players or friends. Some types of missions like the campaign mode require you to invite others, while Strikes can pair you with two random people.

However, you won’t be able to invite your friends to a game right off the bat, as Destiny 2 requires you to finish a few levels first. In order to actually unlock the co-op feature, players will need to complete the Prologue mission and an additional level afterward. Once you actually arrive at the social hub, speak with Hawthorne to gain the “Spark” mission. This will unlock your ability to go to space, along with invite friends to play with you.

To actually join or invite someone to a fireteam, simply hit Triangle (PS4) / Y (Xbox One) to bring up your friends list. This will allow you to select a friend’s name which will cause another menu to pop up. From here you can join a fireteam, invite people to yours, inspect their gear, or view their actual console profile. Destiny 2 will also show what clan members are currently online if you only want to play with those that are apart of your group.

For those hosting a fireteam you can go to the Friends menu and then scroll up to the “Game” tab. Players can then decide on a variety of privacy settings that include:

  • Public
  • Clan and Friend Only
  • Friends Only
  • Invite Only
  • Closed

Remember you can invite players to a fireteam both in and out of activities for PvE and PvP.  We highly recommend that you play with friends during your Destiny 2 playthrough, as the game is clearly designed to be experienced with others.