Destiny 2: How to Get and Farm Legendary Shards


Destiny 2Bungie

For those looking to jump into developer Bungie’s newest FPS/MMO hybrid Destiny 2, you will want to start collecting a new currency right away. Called Legendary Shards, this is a new item that players can acquire and spend on various items such as the exotics from the unknown vendor Xur. Unlike Strange Coins, this is not an exceptionally rare currency to obtain. There are multiple ways that players can get Legendary Shards, however, it’s important to note they cannot be farmed at specific spawn areas.

Here is where you can obtain Legendary Shards from:

  • Dismantling Legendary Weapons/Armor
  • Dismantling Exotic Weapons/Armor
  • Nightfalls
  • Strike Bosses
  • Flashpoints
  • Lost Sector Chests
  • Planetary Chests
  • Raid Chests
  • Raid Segments

When dismantling items remember that purple colored gear is classified as Legendary and yellow as Exotic. For those that break apart their Legendary items, they will obtain 2 shards while those that get rid of Exotic items will earn 10. As you play through Destiny 2 you should earn a fair amount, but one of the best ways is to simply hit the max level and then grind for loot. Playing through Strikes to earn Legendary gear is perhaps one of the most consistent ways to earn these items. This is mainly because you not only have a chance to earn Legendary classified loot, but gain shards when you defeat a boss.

Another good way to obtain them will be by simply exploring the worlds offered, as each planet is full of chests to open. This is also where the famed Lost Sectors are located, which act as mini-dungeons scattered about the different planets. These can be accomplished solo, but we recommend having a full fireteam of three to speed up the grind. After all, it will make hopping from planet to planet far quicker when you are out trying to obtain more Legendary Shards in Destiny 2.