Destiny 2: How to Create, Join, and Invite People to a Clan


Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is the latest FPS/MMO hybrid from developer Bungie that seeks to deliver an epic world spanning story and intense, complex firefights. However, you won’t have to fight alone in this endeavor as players can team up and join clans to better their odds. While there is a random matchmaking system in place, clans are the best way to complete events like raids and just meet like minded people in Destiny 2. If you do want to start your own clan you’ll need to go to first and then select the “Clan” tab at the top left.

From here you can scroll down and input information like the name, motto, and a host name that will appear next to your in-game name.  You will also be able to see the clans you are apart of, just in case you end up joining more than one.  Once you’re in the clan screen you can do everything from edit your banner,  set up text channels, and rewrite sections such as your motto or summary. If you want to invite members to your clan you can either do it in-game by bringing up their profile or by choosing someone’s name on the forums and selecting “Invite too..”

Only the Founder and Admins can invite players to a clan and there are no voice services available through the website itself. However, this can always be supplemented for PC users by utilizing applications like Discord or Skype. There is a text chat room, however, which is great if you want to try an organize times to meet up or see if anyone can get online to help.  For those that insist on being lone wolves, you can actually browse clans via the Guided Games system in Destiny 2 for help. This won’t cause you to join, but simply fill in a slot if a clan needs someone to finish an activity.