Destiny 2: How to Change Characters or Make a New One


Destiny 2Bungie

For those looking to jump in developer Bungie’s newest game Destiny 2, it can be a bit of a daunting task.  Not only is there a ton of loot, activities, and end game quests to finish, but three whole classes to play. When you start up Destiny 2,  you’ll be presented with the choice of a Hunter, Warlock, or Titan. Each class plays rather differently from one another, so picking the class that best suits your style is key. However, you are not bound to this class for the entirety of Destiny 2, as players can change and create entirely new classes.

From the menu when you start up Destiny 2 you’ll see character slots displayed for use. Players can only have three characters at any one time and they are not required to have one of each. This means if you want to make three Hunters then, by all means, you can do this. There is a benefit to having three of the same class, as it will increase your loot drop chances and rolls, allowing you to quickly acquire all the gear you’ll need. Yet, having one of each class can also be very useful since they all play differently and can help suit your team’s needs if your raid requires a Titan or Hunter.

You can create a new character either by selecting an empty slot at the main menu or by bringing up your in-game menu, going to Settings, and then “Change Characters.” This will let you rotate between Guardians you already own or start a new one.  If you want to clear up space, just go to the menu and select the delete prompt to clear a character slot.  We personally recommend having one of each class, since this will make you a more flexible and knowledgeable player in both PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player) activities.