Destiny 2: How to Beat The Pyramidion Nightfall


Destiny 2, The Pryamidion

Welcome to the most chaotic Nightfall in Destiny 2 yet. This week’s strike is The Pyramidion and unlike the previous Nightfalls, there is no way to get time back. The modifier this week is called Zero Hour and it will give you only 22 minutes to finish the entire mission. While this may seem daunting, the second modifier, Torrent, will actually make this way easier than it sounds. Unlike previous modifiers, Torrent acts more like a huge buff to your entire fireteam. All of your abilities will recharge very quickly, allowing you to constantly throw out grenades, melees, and even Supers.

Because of this, it’s vital you pick the right subclass and exotics for the job so you can synergize all of your skills together. Aim for high damage, massive enemy clearing subclasses like Sunbreaker, Arcstrider, or Stormcaller. Void subclasses are also great since the base Vex minotaurs all have void based shields, which can be easily destroyed with a grenade. Try to equip exotics that either give additional power to your abilities or help charge their cooldown time. Being able to constantly hurl grenades is extremely devastating and should be abused throughout the entire Nightfall.

The gameplan for The Pyramidion is to clear a path and only really stop when you absolutely have to. There’s rarely a reason to stay and fight mobs that aren’t mandatory, so use the Torrent modifier to just make a wall of death in front of you.

Destiny 2 The Pryamidion

When the Nightfall starts jump onto your Sparrows and rocket down to the pit below. Make sure to have any pulse or area of denial grenades equipped and begin just chucking them everywhere. Once you kill off the first wave, another will begin marching up the center. Use your grenades to create a death pit and finish them off with your rifles. Focus fire the yellow bar harpy and then wait for the door to open before rushing down the large decline until you reach the next section.

Toss a few more grenades out to deal with the Taken and Vex fighting, before rushing down the large platforms. Ignore the rest of the enemies and just hurl grenades at your feet to keep them occupied in this area. Make your way through the first laser grind and hold onto your Supers until you reach the next section of the level. You’ll now be tasked with killing all of the Taken, so stay in the back and either hurl your grenades to give some breathing room. Pop two of your Supers and quickly clear out the enemies that are roaming around. Focus on the Knights and Hobgoblins first as they will be the most troublesome if left alone.

Once you kill all the Taken, move to the gate and use the last of your three Supers to destroy the Vex spawning in front of the door. Remember they will come in waves, so if you run out of Super energy quickly regroup with your team on the other side of the room. Once all the Vex are dead run through the portal and quickly navigate the next laser grid. Remember, if you are running Voidwalker you can actually “Blink” through the lasers with no issue.

Your next task will be to activate three plates in a room filled with more enemies, so split up and have one person go to each plate. Kill the Minotaurs and Captains first, then focus on finishing off the lesser foes when you are actually standing on the plates. When all three are activated, head to the next area and quickly navigate the final laser grind. Take your time with this section, since you can easily be killed if you’re not quick enough. It’s better if you take your time since dying will sap more time off your clock, especially since you respawn at the very beginning of the laser grid.

Destiny 2

The final main room before the boss is fairly easy, so have two members of your team push left and one head down below. Focus on killing the enemies first and then hack the four consoles that are stationed around the floating platforms. After these are unlocked, run through the portal, head down the hill, and jump straight down into the large hole. We recommend changing your Supers to ones that can deal a healthy amount of damage to the boss like Voidwalker, Nightstalker, or Sunbreaker.

When the battle begins, have your team focus fire the boss until it teleports to the side of the map. Keep shooting Brakion until the shield goes up. Now split into two teams, with one going to the right side of the room and the others staying on the left. Quickly kill the Vex that spawn and activate the first plate, which will cause the second to come online. Thankfully, you already have a member standing there, so assist them in clearing out the additional Vex before focusing on Brakion. If you want to use your Super wait until this Vex warps to the middle so you don’t end up missing.

You will need to repeat this step one more time until the head is blown off, moving his critical weak spot to the chest. Now huddle together and begin throwing out grenades like it’s going out of style. Brakion will be far more mobile now, so you can easily sure it into a wall of grenades. Make sure to use your class abilities to supplement any damage such as creating barriers or healing rifts for your team. Brakion is a fairly easy boss, so just play it safe and if you’re fast enough you can easily end this encounter with around 6 to 8 minutes on the clock.

If you were looking for a Nightfall to complete the Rat King questline or finish up some Guided Games for your clan, this is the one to do it on. Just make sure you have the right subclasses and gear equipped to maximize the effectiveness of the enhanced recharge rates.

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